Services provided:

1). Commercial Development Management – Ground up or Value Add

  • Planning: Providing clear design, construction, and financial planning that meets client needs without exceeding budget
  • Transparency: Providing clear scheduling and investor updates in the value-add or ground up development process
  • Risk Mitigation: Applying process-driven strategies acquired over decades of experience in the industry to avoid risk

2). Brokerage for Property Acquisition or Disposition valued over $10,000,000

  • Advisement: Providing clients with profitable solutions for their property using knowledge of the current market
  • Planning: Devising strategies to reposition properties into highest and best use using meticulous underwriting
  • Market Analysis: Having the skills to navigate the volatile real estate market through the many metrics used on a daily basis when planning and sourcing deals

3). Capital Markets Brokerage for Transactions over: $10,000,000

  • Bridge Debt: Short-term financing, typically up to one year with higher rates, meant to supply finances when waiting to secure permanent financing
  • Mezzanine: This form of financing allows the lender the option to convert to an equity interest in the company where the lender of mezzanine capital is often a long term investor in the company
  • Preferred Debt: The form of debt financing which has immediate priority over the other debt sources in the deal, as well as seniority over the equity sources
  • Preferred Equity: The form of equity financing that has immediate priority over other sources of equity sources in the deal, but is still junior to the debt sources
  • JV Equity: A legal business partnership between the Sponsor of the deal and the landowner where the landowner agrees to pull equity out of the land for the Sponsor to begin the redevelopment of the property. Upon completion of the project, both sides receive payment based on footing in the agreed deal

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