Remaining Time For Funding (Ends on 12/15/2019)

Redondo Beach (Catalina Ave) Investment Overview

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100 N. Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA   (View on Google Maps)

Investment Summary

Beach City Capital (the “Sponsor”) is pleased to present the opportunity to invest in the development of a 26 unit historic district residential project with 13,150 sf of retail located at 100 N Catalina in Redondo Beach, CA (the “Project”). The site covers 1.2 acres with 34,500 sf of existing cash-flowing retail.

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  • 13,150 sf of Renovated Retail
  • 26 Unit for-sale Development
  • 30 month time frame


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Funding Date12/15/2019

Days Remaining151

Investment TypeValue Add

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