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Mar Vista (Mitchell Ave) Investment Overview

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12757 Mitchell Ave., Mar Vista, CA 90066   (View on Google Maps)

Investment Summary

Beach City Capital is pleased to present the opportunity to invest in the development of a 27 unit apartment project located at 12757 Mitchell Ave, Los Angeles, CA (the “Project”).

The property is a half acre site situated in the heart of Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA. The Project will benefit from its prime location near Venice Beach, Culver City, Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica with numerous offices and retail amenities on Washington Boulevard. The Sponsor acquired this property off-market at a significant land discount and has partnered with the land owner in a JV partnership.

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Product Type:

  • 27-unit Apartment Project
  • Ground-up Multifamily Development


  • Future Cashflow Project
  • High demand Tech Area
  • Near Venice Beach


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Funding Date06/30/2020

Days Remaining23

Investment TypeGround-Up Cash Flow

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