Marissa Taddeo

Development Intern

Marissa Taddeo is a Development Intern for Beach City Capital, LLC and involved in all aspects of architecture, marketing, design, and investment documents for the company’s Investment projects. She works directly with the Project Managers and Senior Associates in assisting them with their every day duties and responsibilities.

Prior to her internship at Beach City Capital, Marissa worked in an architecture firm where she assisted in all project phases of several high-end custom residential projects. She also holds experience in Construction Management and Interior Design, having added companies like Skanska and Kelly Wearstler to her resume. During her enrollment at the University of Southern California, she has taken several Real Estate Development courses which have contributed to a profound interest in Real Estate Development.

Marissa holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Sustainability and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Southern California.

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