Welcome to Beach City Capital

A Real Estate Investment and Development Company

What is the issue we are working to solve?

The Current Urban Housing Crisis. Every year to keep up with demand, California needs to deliver 180,000 units to the market and have only been able to keep up with less than half of what is required every year – and failing to do so over the last 10 years. This is why rents are so high, and housing prices are steep. We could talk about the policies and various drivers, but at the end of the day it’s a supply issue. California doesn’t have enough housing units.

What is our solution?

We are providing affordable Multifamily housing along the high-demand, high-barrier to entry coastal communities. We develop mid-market, for-rent multifamily apartments in A+ locations along the coast in Southern California. We design our communities from the ground up to maximize living, leisure, and working spaces for our residents. We’ve designed our apartment communities from the ground up for shared living.

What is Affordable Housing?

We have partnered with market leader in Coliving Operators to provide tech-base roommate systems allowing an affordable and convenient solution for renters to lower living costs while living in newly constructed buildings in high demand areas. Leverages the sharing economy.

How was Beach City Capital Born?

After Founder Jason Muller practiced Architecture, Land Use and Commercial Development working with other companies, Beach City Capital was born in 2015: Phase One of the company was to acquire coastal apartments and build high-end For-Sale townhomes along with building company systems like accounting, legal and HR. Phase Two was to Joint Venture with Landowners to scale up unit count and focus on For-Rent affordable Apartments, Co-Living Property management and provide tax efficient investments.

What is the future of Beach City Capital?

Our Mission in the next five years is to provide 1,000 units of affordable supply to the urban need and build a strong investment portfolio of cash flowing multifamily assets.

What does this company offer to the investment world?

Beach City Capital offers institutional management with a personal investor experience to be part of something bigger. The top 1% of wealthy Americans invest 30% of their asset allocation into Real Estate Investments. If you have a similar portfolio allocation to invest like the best, we offer investments into much needed multifamily projects in excellent locations. This provides slow but steady gains. These projects will be held for generational wealth; while doing our part to alleviate the current urban housing crisis. We have two products: An LP fund that provides investors with the opportunity to own a % of real property enjoying cash flow and above-market returns. And a Co-GP fund that allows seasoned accredited investors to be a shareholder in the management company to fund pre-development and land costs in return for long term significant upside.

Core Values

Our company is geared to teach, share and train young bright-eyed rising stars to learn the entire real estate value add and development cycle to one day go out on their own and/or partner with us to exponentially advance our vision to improve urban housing and quality of life for our great nation for current and future generations to enjoy.

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