Work with Capital Providers

Beach City Capital’s long-standing presence in key markets throughout the United States gives our investment leaders a decade of hands-on experience, intimate local market knowledge, and an extensive network of relationships with both institutional and local banks, private equity firms, and family offices.

This depth of experience and relationship with capital providers gives Beach City Capital a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments both on and

Our reputation has afforded us the opportunity to work with the best leaders in the industry, receiving attractive interest rates and optimal service with certainty. Our customer service entails monthly reports to investors and lenders, cost to date analysis, and thorough communication. Our ability to strategically plan, tied with our passion for people and places, creates a comfortable and trustworthy environment for our investors.


As expert analysts, our in-house team utilizes tools from applied mathematics, statistics, and economic theory to drive opportunistic decisions. Our dynamic models include risk analysis, leveraged/unleveraged margins, and conservative estimation for decision-making. Beach City Capital utilizes equity tier structured finance to give optionality to our investors providing asymmetric returns depending on client's risk profile. With our experienced constructors and real estate brokers, our financial engineering analysis utilizes real-time construction cost data and comparable market analysis to continue updating our dynamic models. Beach City Capital offers distinct advantages in the real estate market by underwriting multiple deals to make informed decisions on investment selection and strategy. Our team provides rapid execution in response to market opportunities and conditions. Our investments contain flexible ownership structures which aim to optimize investment opportunity for our equity and debt investment partners.

Structure Capital

Beach City Capital offers a unique opportunity for both accredited and non - accredited investors. Our investors range from newcomers who want to get exposed to the market, to veteran investors who want to invest a portion of their risk/reward portfolio section. Beach City Capital has designed an
investment equity tier structure that accommodates diverse risk profiles. Our investment opportunities are deal specific and on-going. These investments are secured at the entity level with an agreed upon and structured profit distribution defined within the partnership’s operating agreement.

Foreign investors can collaborate with Beach City Capital’s multi-lingual (Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew) team that has years of experience working with foreign investors to facilitate
deals here in the United States.

Sourcing Deals

Beach City Capital reviews many deals, mainly in Southern California coastal communities, and looks for underutilized properties that lack highest and best use in key markets. We focus on assets that are underperforming, mispriced, and/or mismanaged to add value and improve to gain efficiencies. We use our experienced team and government relations to determine land use. Thus, we find the true land residual that makes deal economics work.

Beach City Capital is a vertically integrated
investment company with the ability to
source, underwrite, and acquire all developments in-house. Beach City is able to quickly find these opportunities by analyzing key markets competitive strategies. While Beach City has extensive experience, what makes us successful is acknowledging that real estate itself and the best in class service to our investors are the key factors in our Investment Platform.