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Project Summary

Local Collaborative Hermosa (“Local”) is a cash-flowing, craft co-working business venture founded by Beach City Capital that aims to provide high quality office space in Los Angeles’ beach communities. Local’s flagship location is ideally situated steps from the ocean in Hermosa Beach and has transformed an existing and pristine Historical Performing Arts Theater into a haven for professionals seeking a high-quality co-working environment with a beachfront flair.

Local Collaborative Hermosa opened its doors in 2021, with a member fully occupying the space for over a year and a half. We recently held a successful grand opening to the public in May and the project has reached 60% leased occupancy. With Phase 2 of our ambitious business plan underway, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our already thriving co-working hub. Adding 9 inviting offices, 2 well-equipped conference rooms, and additional amenity spaces, we are dedicated to providing our members with everything they need for success.

We are raising $500,000 of LP equity to complete Phase 2 with a 10% preferred return and a buyout option at year 3 for a 1.5x EM, with the option for a long-term investment. The minimum investment is $25,000 and for accredited investors only.

Our goal is to achieve full occupancy within the next couple of months. About 70% of the work for the expansion was already completed during the first phase of construction, providing ample space for the planned addition of added offices and conference rooms. We have been working closely with the Planning Department, and the City has granted us the opportunity to go directly to plan check, saving us a valuable 12 months in the timeline.

Project Timeline (Phase 2 Buildout)

Q1 2024: Building permits expected to be received
Q2 2024: Completion of the expansion through a 6-month buildout
Q4 2024: Full leasing of the space
Q1 2025: Full operational status; Distribution to investors

Existing Property Details

  • Office space one block from the beach
  • 26 ft high ceilings, skylight, and built out private offices
  • Prime, downtown Hermosa Beach location
  • Walking distance to an abundance of retail amenities
  • One-of-a-kind historic theater building
  • Parking available in the structure next door
  • Lightwell and beautiful ornamental details

Featured Amenities

At Local Collaborative, we believe in fostering a sense of community and creativity. Our space is thoughtfully designed to inspire innovation, productivity, and connections among like-minded individuals. Situated just steps away from the ocean in Hermosa Beach, our space is designed to inspire productivity and collaboration. With high ceilings, skylights, and beautifully built-out private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks, we provide a professional and comfortable environment.

Our members enjoy access to modern conference rooms, a stocked kitchen, and additional amenity space. From the convenience of parking to the allure of a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants and retail options, Local Collaborative Hermosa offers the perfect setting for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a professional environment close to home.

As the sun-kissed waves of the Pacific Ocean greet you just steps away from our co-working haven, we invite you to embark on a journey of collaboration and growth like no other. The Local Collaborative experience is defined by vibrant energy, contemporary aesthetics, and a commitment to providing our members with top-notch amenities and services.

Co-working Spaces

The office environment is undergoing a radical shift, with corporate headquarters and large downtown offices being occupied differently than before. Co-working spaces provide a range of benefits to business professionals. They foster a more effective working environment by generating energy and adjusting mindsets, resulting in increased productivity.

Additionally, co-working offers opportunities to expand professional networks, reduce costs, and add flexibility to businesses. Beach City Capital believes in the future of co-working and sees it as a response to the post-pandemic business environment and the embrace of remote work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking a dynamic space to bring your visions to life, a freelancer craving a supportive community, or a remote worker yearning for the perfect work-life balance, Local Collaborative Hermosa is here to elevate your professional journey.

How To Invest

Investing in Beach City Capital’s Local Collaborative Hermosa coworking business venture presents a unique opportunity to be part of a thriving business venture with attractive financial incentives, a strategic location, and the promise of a supportive and inspiring environment for both tenants and investors alike. Take advantage of the benefits of real estate investing and the current financial climate by securing your stake in this exceptional project.

Investment documents and additional information are available for review – simply click “Investments” at the top of our website. This will allow you to quickly create a profile on our investor platform, view investment information, and download the Investment Memorandum.

You can also visit the public Investment Page with the link here, but you won’t be able to download the Investment Memo until you create a profile: Click Here

Once your due diligence is complete, sign the Subscription Agreement and Joinder documents, and wire your investment into the project’s bank account.

The investment begins accumulating a preferred return on the day of your investment. During the Development phase, you will receive quarterly reports throughout the Project’s life cycle, which will include cost-to-dates, project schedules, and progress reports. The first payment will be made at refinance, and then every quarter thereafter during the hold period, with a final payout at sale of the project.

Investment Deal Points

The Investment

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